Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Flight

Quickly, today I flew for the first time with Mercy Flight. During my 12 hour shift, we had one run: a trauma that had to be flown from a city to the north down to ECMC. I will find out from my colleagues how the patient did. I just thought I would share some photos from the event.

All in all, a very exciting day. Tomorrow back to tox and another week of being on-call for tox and EMS. Until then!


lv2trnscrb said...

great pictures Veronica!! looks like you enjoyed yourself! I'm not sure how well I'd do in a helicopter!


frankandmary said...

I love helicopters, but your situation was a little more pressure than my flights have been.

naperdillygirl said...

And I!!  Great photos.  Finally someone who can use a camera and make it work~!

naperdillygirl said...

Thanks for your comment.....I do my very best to let it all roll off my back....none of it matters in the long run as long as I live my life daily so that I can look in the mirror and stay proud of who I am and what I've done.  So far so good!  Thanks for the comments! :0) N.

carolineacnp said...

Great videos I think you're the only one that has video like that very nice :)