Friday, August 15, 2008

Ooo... Pretty Lights!

Just a couple of thoughts on my ride-a-longs with the local ambulance service:

If you see flashing lights behind you, move to the right.

If you hear a siren, put down the cell phone, look around you, and move to the right.

If a large moving vehicle with flashing lights and a siren suddenly appears in your rear window, turn down the radio, put down the cell phone, and move to the right.

Lights and sirens coming toward you on a street means... um... move to the right.

If you are driving and come to an intersection where everyone else is stopped, don't take it to mean that they are waiting for you... it's probably because everyone else saw the big moving vehicle with the lights and sirens coming down the street.

Emergency vehicles are like deer, if you see one there might be others, so take a few seconds to make sure a second one isn't following the first.

If you call 911, a lot of people are suddenly going to show up. If they're at your house, that means that can't be at someone else's, so don't call unless you've got a legitimate reason.

One final thought: yield to emergency vehicles, they might just be heading to save someone you love.

Tomorrow, another shift with Mercy Flight. Better weather on the horizon, so we'll see what the day brings.

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nightmaremom said...

great entry!  I hate when I see cars just ignoring the fact that emergency vehicles are on the road screaming for them to move.