Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Tooth Fairy For Me...

So I spent my morning looking in eyes and my afternoon watching teeth be pulled. It was then that I realized that teeth are really gross. I'm going to start brushing like 10 times a day to avoid some of the grossness I witnessed today.

Now, you might wonder what an ED doc is doing in the dental clinic... well, I am learning to give those shots in the back of the mouth that make one side of your mouth, lip and tongue numb so the dentist can work. This way, when patients come into the E.D. complaining of a toothache, I can give them a shot to make them feel better until they can be seen by a dentist.

After giving one said shot, I stayed around to watch the dental students learn to pull and work on teeth. I guess I never realized in the adult mouth that the roots are very long. Ew... certainly not the joy of wiggling that little loose tooth in your mouth when you're 6 or 7... getting that little salty taste... and then "pop" off it comes. Put it under the pillow and the tooth fairy comes. Mine brought silver dollars which I still have somewhere... at least a couple of them.

I was lucky and never needed braces... my mom at 70 still has all her teeth, nice and straight... always bragged her father/my grandfather could pop beer caps off with his teeth... speaking of which, I am off to brush my teeth again before going to bed... brush and floss... better add in the mouthwash for good measure...


kirkbyj05 said...

I am not a lover of going to the dentist.  I make sure my teeth are well flossed, brushed and mouthwashed.
I well remember as a child having a tooth extracted and being offered it by the dentist.  Gross!  I never would eat butterkist popcorn again!  It always reminded me of bad teeth.  Lol!
At least twice the injections have made my heart beat go funny and I have felt faint.  Nope...teeth are ugly things when pulled or not looked after.
I don't envy your job at the moment Veronica.
By the way...thanks for calling by my journal.  It's nice to catch up with you again too.
Jeanie xx

Julia said...

I hate watching teeth pulled or really anything done to the face, makes me hurt just watching it.