Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stopped by a Chip in the Road

Well, today I had an allergic reaction to some ginger on, of all things, a potato chip. I always watch what I eat in terms of baked goods that tend to include it, and I have learned to also ask about Allspice which caused a similar reaction. But, a potato chip? Didn't even think about it when the bag was offered to me, I took one, tasted good, than about a minute later I could feel the pressure in my chest.

Luckily, I was in the TICU at that time. I grabbed my bag, sucked on the inhaler I always carry and got a Benadryl from one of the RN's. Things seemed ok for a few minutes but then my voice started changing so I went down to the E.D. where I was given a dose of IV steroids and IV Benadryl. Within a few minutes I was feeling much better, and they kept me for observation for another 1/2 hour. I came home and slept off the Benadryl.

Of course, when I awoke, I noted 5 trauma code pages that went off... wonder how many of those are going to be in the ICU when I get back tomorrow morning... I am guessing that the "gun shot wound to the chest" will most likely be there. So will I. Bright and early. Now having learned to add "Spicy Chips" to my list of "foods to check before I eat."


specialadyfink said...

geez-who would of thought ginger in a chip...Glad you could get needed help quickly.
Take care

nightmaremom said...

ohhhh geeze who would have thought...   you were in a good spot I guess...  glad you're feeling better and I hope your day is good

neecoaljay said...

Girl, I had NO idea you were allergic to Ginger!!!!  Be careful out there!  I'm allergic to cherries - so that's an easy one!

Miss you!


pharmolo said...

You were lucky to be in a hospital - do you carry an adrenaline pen at all?

helmswondermom said...

I am allergic to eggs, and my husband is allergic to garlic.  Now I'm starting to notice allergic reactions to things that don't contain eggs, so I guess I'll have to get checked out.  I'm glad you were already at a hospital and could get the help you needed.

nhd106 said...

Hi Veronical..
Thanks for visiting!   I'm enjoying your journal...will be back.