Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Get High With a Little Help...

Ok, so the picture above is from one of my last patients at Children's. I think I talked about the 12 year old who stuck some things up his, um, weenis. Today the picture loaded, and I am using it as an example of some strange things that people do to get high. Now, there is a certain pain/pleasure described by patients who stick things in their urethras. There's actually a name for this which I couldn't find because I am too tired right now, but the link is to
an interesting article on the subject. Strange Found Bladder Objects

I am bringing this up because I am currently on my first official rotation of my second year: EMS/Toxicology. I spend my mornings in the Poison Control Center of Western New York which is based out of Children's Hospital. We go over cases that came in the day before, and follow-up on cases that are currently active. Most of the cases involve overdoses and ingestions (such as kids swallowing bleach).

Every day I have to make a small presentation about this or that drug that we've been consulted on. I have talked about acid/bases and what happens when you come into contact with them. Tonight I finished research on my project for tomorrow which is on overdoses of muscle relaxants. What those crazy kids won't take to get high.

During the rest of the day, I am on 24 hour call for the Poison Control Center and for Erie County EMS. I get called if there is a question directed to the PCC from a hospital regarding treatment of a patient in their E.D., and I could potentially be called for any incident in the county requiring a physician to be on-scene. During the school year, we get called for mostly school bus accidents where there are a large number of patients that don't necessarily have to go to the hospital, but who all need medical clearance before being released. Every once in a while we get called for something more interesting: Swat Team Shooting

i also get to do ride-a-longs with local EMS including Mercy Flight, BFD Rescue 1, Rural Metro Ambulance, and possibly some other agencies. There are a couple of other "fun" projects, but I will elaborate on those toward the end of the month.

For now, I have to go to bed and get ready for my PCC rounds this morning. Oh, and if you see this vehicle around Erie County:

That'll be me behind the wheel!!

I promise to share interesting stories as they come.... until then, stay safe!

Oh, and on the veggie front. It's been almost 3 weeks. Today I tried the Super Veggie at Subway, and it was tasty. I was sooo tempted by some fish, but I promised to make it a meat-free month, so I kept my pledge. A week to go, but to be honest, it's actually getting easier to make the veggie choices, and I am learning to be very creative when going out to eat.


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Yep, it is human nature to want to get high... I draw the line in regards to sticking things in my pee hole. Yikes

sunnybethe said...

I haven't visited your journal in a while so I don't know what the child put up his penis.  From the looks of it-something metal-a wire perhaps?  Insulated wire?  I hope it wasn't soldering wire.  Lead, eeks!