Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lawd o Mercy!

Today was a non-workday, and I spent the better part of the morning at Mercy Flight Operations. Basically, the training involved learning helicopter safety and a lot of flight physiology. Plus we had a little lunch. I missed this part last year, and so I joined this year's interns for the lectures. Which I find funny since this is relevant for me because we do our rotation with Mercy Flight in our second year.

Irregardless, we had a good time learning about their operations, and I was able to daydream a lot about getting up in the sky and flying with them. Like I said, my rotation starts at the end of the month.

So, not much to write about tonight, and I am in the middle of preparing a lecture on suturing for the new interns which I will present tomorrow.

Cheers until then!


nightmaremom said...

if you go up in that bird take the camera if you can :)  I'd love to get shot like that

screamwithmenow said...

it is Thursday here. 2.08 PM. Ther photos had not loaded when I came here to Comment.
Scrolling scrolling scrolling, got to keep on scroll-ing, raw hide! Oh dear, where was I?
Oh yes, thank you for visiting my blog too. If you Goggle Earth Fraser Island, you will see that it is beautiful.
I clean a backpacker's hostel, and I am meeting Americans for the first time in three years. Once there were many, now they are coming back. I meant to ask them if it was their school holiday?
Canadians, the Irish and Americans are my favorites. The Irish can drink! Ooh-la- la. There are kids from all over the world here.
Your life seems to busy and the stress must be high. My highest stress moment at work is deciding what to eat for smoko, (lunch).
The mess that the backpackers make does get me down some days. Imagine 120 teenager's rooms. Gasp!
Their personal hygene is outstanding, I have never seen so many products to clean a human body. The cleanliness of their personl enviroment - hmm? Think volcano erruption when they unpack. Ha ha.
I had better go.