Monday, July 14, 2008

One Can Always Dream

This is what I came into this morning. I think it lasted for about 15 minutes.

And then, one of the early patients was this:

Look around the middle of the top third of the film, and you will see a bright long object... that, folks, is a dental drill. This 5 year old was in the dentist's chair when the drill bit "fell off," and he swallowed it. Luckily, this should pass within the next couple of days. I gave them all the warnings in case it did not pass easily.

By the time I left, this is what it looked like:

And, this was the waiting room:

As you can see, a veritable smorgasbord of ailments. Again, we were so busy and had so many providers that around 5 p.m. we had a "constipated board;" no one was moving in or moving out.

I am about midway through the rotation so I thought I would take the time to get a few rants off my chest:

onto the soapbox:

- people are not an endangered species, please stop having children. I sometimes think birth control should be federally mandated. When you come in and tell me about your 5 children at home, and how you can't afford a bottle of $2.50 Tylenol for your child's fever for which you want me to write you a prescription so that Medicare (read, us taxpayers) can pay for it, please don't also tell me about your smoking/drinking/marijuana habit, because I can't see justifying $7 a day for a pack of cigarettes, or whatever you pay for the carton, when your child is sick.

- oh, and please don't tell me you don't "smoke inside because of the kids" because we know you do. If I can smell the smoke on the baby stroller, someone's been smoking around it, or it spends a lot of time out on the front/back/basement or wherever you say it is you go to smoke.

- missing your period for 2 months after unprotected sex, and already having had 2 children should make you think that you might be pregnant; which means that if you're considering having another child you might want to stop drinking/smoking/and doing drugs. There are a lot of important developmental changes happening to your baby during this time. And, don't use the excuse that you're only 19, and it was "your birthday." Start taking some responsibility. I can only wonder what's going on with your other 2 children if you're freely admitting to me that you "like to party" and drink and smoke marijuana daily.

- I think I have said this before, but please don't bring your entourage with you into the E.D. I don't need to meet your sister, sister's baby, your neighbor, neighbor's baby, your baby's daddy, his mama, etc. Oh, and bringing your 11 year old nephew with you for a "female exam" and talking about your sexual partners isn't appropriate, and I will be asking him to step out of the room, so don't be mad when I do.

- All I cansay is that we've been seeing way too much of CPS (Child ProtectiveServices) lately. We had a horrendous case of abuse where the childwas taken away from an abusive mother, put into an abusive foster home,transferred to a second abusive home, and adopted into her currentsituation where she was being brought in for possible abuse. She's11. I can't even begin to imagine her life or what will become ofher. Sigh.

Off the soapbox...

As for my vegetarian pledge: Like I said, I can't go completely vegan. I had a little cream in my coffee drink this morning. Cereal with soy milk. Lunch was a veggie burger with cheese and mayo (not vegan as it's made out of eggs) and veggie chips. I then went to the local upscale Wegman's supermarket to make a salad. I added a number of their "vegetarian" sides to my spinach and greens. Lot of garbanzos and beans; barley and peppers. There was even a tofu curry mix that was very tasty. I bought a number of "veggie" frozen entrees, some rice and soy milks and a bunch of fresh fruit for snacks.

I am still recovering from the weekend of gluttony so I felt hungry, but I know the stomach will shrink down and adjust to the smaller portions. Here's where it becomes the mind over matter, but I know it gets easier every day. At least, that what I will remind myself.


nightmaremom said...

sending you strength my new found friend... I know I'd be going off regularly and probably be fired......   we need you... and so do they.  thanks!

pharmolo said...

Common sense is sometimes difficult to locate, Veronica. Wishing you strength!

erarein63 said...

Understanding your rants, lol.  De ;)