Sunday, September 23, 2007

Watch that first step....

I am too tired to do my usual diatribe about the events of the ED. Suffice it to say that the majority of the reports from the EMT's this evening started with the phrase: "Patient went out drinking tonight and then..."
- the patient drove into a tree and crashed headfirst through their front windshield. After all the work-up was complete, the patient was found to have only sustained a bloody nose (refer back to one of my previous posts for rule #1 for drinking and driving: drink enough and you won't get hurt)
- "several unknown assailants" (Two Dudes must be on vacation... again, refer to earlier posts) jumped on several of our patients causing a variety of injuries normally seen on boxers who are on the losing end of the prize match

- the patient got into an altercation at a wedding leading to them being stabbed in the stomach, "really, it's just a flesh wound" lead to an exploration, and when 6 inches of the probe disappeared into the belly tissue, the patient was sent for emergency surgery
- the patients went out and rode their motorcycles which they subsequently crashed requiring the services of our Mercy Flight helicopters, the orthopedic surgeons, the neurosurgeons, and admittance into the trauma ICU
and, our favorite of the evening, of which, believe it or not we had two:
- the patient got into an altercation at a local bar, went outside to avoid a further dispute, and tripped off the curb...

what I want you to realize is that this person is lying FLAT on the bed... the two spots you see on the skin just below his pant's line would be just above the front of the ankle if the foot was in the normal position. And, like I said, we had TWO of these injuries tonight.

... that first step is a doozy!

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abaleman666 said...

your blog rocks!!!!  i wish some of my drunk ass friends would sit with you in the er for the night and see what great fun drinking and drugging really is.  good luck and yes, their are squirrels in buffalo.   if you ever get the chance, drive up to niagra falls and go hang on the canadian side, it's beautiful.  there are places you can wade across the niagra river, and the wax museum is fun too.