Friday, February 15, 2008

Dead Man's Party

 I couldn't think of a title for today's entry, so I decided on the next song to play... and, surprise surprise it was "Dead Man's Party," which believe it or not is actually kind of appropriate.

When I was applying to medical school, I had to take a test called the M-CAT (Medical College Admissions Test.)  On the night after I took the test, I invited people over for a "Dead Man's Party."  Everyone was invited to dress in black.  They were to "BYODF or V" bring your own dead flesh or vegetable for the cook-out.  I threw the party because after taking that test, I had done essentially everything I could do to be accepted to medical school, so I could die in peace.

Kind of how I feel now.

I think I have done everything I can to make sure everything goes well for the wedding.  I shipped the last boxes today, I've arranged for kitty care, I have sent out information to all the participants.  At this point it's just sit back and wait for the week to pass. 

Of course, I still need to pack, but like I was telling one of my bridesmaids, I could essentially walk onto the plane with the clothes on my back and everything I need is in California.

So, I am enjoying my evening.  Spending time with the children.  Watching the hours tick by on the clock.  Wondering if I am forgetting anything.  Wondering if everything will go okay.  Wondering if I forgot anything.  Wondering.


nightmaremom said...

all will be perfect, you watch :)  

kirkbyj05 said...

The most important ingredients are yourself and your future husband.  
The day will take care of itself  and before you know it you will be on your honeymoon.

If something has been forgotten then only those who are mean minded will take note.  Just look around at all the happy faces you will see and the little forgotten things wont matter then.
The whole day will take on its own happy momentum.
I wish you both a happy contented life together.
Jeanie   xx

lv2trnscrb said...

love your idea for a dead man's party!!

all will go well! wishing you and your man much happiness and many years together of wedded bliss :)