Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Saying good-bye to 2007:

Started the New Year dancing at the Withrow Ballroom just north of St. Paul, MN during the middle of a major snow storm that dumped almost a foot of new snow overnight.  I checked in my boots at the door and carried my dress shoes in my hands.

Working as a House physician at Fairview Southdale and UMMC.

Driving my Jeep on frozen White Bear Lake! 
Riding the Valentine's Day Minnesota Zephyr dinner train out of Stillwater, MN and Jerry asking me to marry him at the end of the trip.  I don't know if I was more excited about the proposal or the little blue box.

Snowboarding several times at Afton Alps.

Jerry was gone over Spring Break and I worked back to back 36 hour shifts with a 12 hour break in between.  NOT fun, but brought in a lot of "cha-ching!"

The week with Mom and Jerry in Manzanillo, Mexico with side trips to Colima, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, a whole lot of seafood and snorkling Los Arcos.
Interviewing in San Diego(I didn't get the job), and showing Jerry some of my favorite beaches.

Interviewing in Mankato(I didn't get the job), and wondering what I would be doing come July 1.

The phone call from Buffalo, the phone interview, and then the offer.  A rush trip to Buffalo to look for an apartment on the day the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis.  (Several weeks earlier during rush hour traffic where I passed workmen using jack-hammers on the highway as I drove over the bridge, I wondered how safe it was and if there was a chance it could collapse.)

The three weeks I had to pack up my life, my cats and a moving van, yet again, and make the "half" cross country trip to Buffalo, NY.

Setting the date for the wedding once my job was secured.  Eeek!

Being thrown into the E.D.'s at ECMC and Buffalo General and keeping track of my adventures on this blog.

Spending three weeks with my mother and Flat Stanley who came to visit including a very memorable Blues vs. Sabres game.

Ultrasound and this CCU rotation which is, Thank God, almost over.

A new year approaches... who knows what new adventures it will bring, the biggest being a wedding and a trip to Riviera Maya, plans for a cruise, and the start of my second year of Emergency Medicine residency.

Here's to wishing you the very best the new year has to bring!  I can't wait to find out...


nightmaremom said...

Buffalo ain't so bad :)   Happy New Year to you and yours... may 2008 be filled with all good things


lv2trnscrb said...

been following your blog for a few weeks now; wishing you the best in 2008!!